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Please share this petition so we can reach our goal of 5000.

As Political Progressives & Liberal Democrats we need to let Congress and the President know what we wish to have passed during the Lame Duck Session. I have put together a letter but you are free to edit the version you sign, please add other bills or take some away if you don’t support them.

The time is NOW, we have a very short window of opportunity. We may have to wait more than two years if we don’t get these pieces of legislation through now.

We must let them know what their liberal base expects of them.

These are the items that appear in the letter, feel free to add or take away:

  1. Repeal DADT
  2. Pass the Dream Act (either as part of DADT or separately)
  3. Extend the Bush Tax Cuts for the middle class and the poor but NOT for those making over $250,00.00 a year.
  4. Pass the Disclosure Act
  5. Pass the FRAC Act
  6. Pass the Employee Free Choice Act
  7. Support Donna Edwards’ and John Conyers’ Amendment to the Constitution that will limit Corporate spending in elections and correct the poor decision made my the Supreme Court in the Citizens United vs. FEC ruling.
  8. Pass Cap and Trade
  9. Extend Unemployment benefits
  10. If there is time please consider the Colorectal Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, and Treatment Act

Thank you very much for adding your name to this list! It will be sent out on November 25th to all Senators and House members in the Progressive Caucus, some additional Democrat Congressmen and Congresswomen, and President Barack Obama.

Please share the link to this petition by email, Facebook, Twitter and any other means that you can. We are in a hurry because the Lame Duck session won’t last long and we need as many signatures as possible.

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