When the website BiddingForGood posted a charity auction for a D.C. internship with Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR), Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis saw a chance for a bit of publicity. After he won, he shot off a press release on Tuesday night announcing that he’d give the gig to the winner of his HDNet show “The Search for the Hottest Girl in America.”

Francis probably knew the announcement would put Pryor’s office in an awkward position and generate some headlines. But he probably didn’t think they’d call in the FBI.

Pryor’s office said earlier this week that they called in federal authorities because they believed the auction to be a “hoax” and that someone had impersonated the Arkansas democrat.

The 39-year-old Francis insisted it wasn’t a stunt.

“It was confirmed with his office as far as I knew, it was never a hoax,” Francis told TPM in a phone interview Thursday afternoon.

As it turns out, the soft-porn mogul was right — the son of a lobbyist has admitted to creating the mix-up over the internship.
Doncha love it when bad things happen to douchebags who take advantage of young adults’ naïveté, Blue Dog Democrats and the families of lobbyists?

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