How sad of the Church that claims Christ’s name to be so far from Jesus’ teachings. It seems they have completely forgotten the core of Jesus’ message was to “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself” AND “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” They also willfully ignore the quiet but positive affirmation of homosexual love in the Bible. For example, Jesus never condemned the Roman Centurion for having a young male lover. Instead he praised the Centurion for his faith and healed the lover. When Jesus spoke of eunuchs, eunuchs born of their mothers (gay), he did not condemn them nor did he speak ill in any manner towards them.

When Jesus spoke of the “road to everlasting life” being narrow, he meant the only way into heaven was to love thy enemy, love thy neighbor, love people who were not like you… unto others as you would have others do unto you. I wonder how this pastor, and all other pastors, would feel if the treatment they want to impose on the LGBT community were to be imposed upon them?

This is the way I’d tell some of you who have given up on religion that these theocrats are apostate, that they have it wrong.

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