Anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers are not always about a woman’s choices at all.

First off, you need to look at the link between adoption coercion and crisis pregnancy centers. Some, notice I said some not all, of them act also as adoption agencies and will convince a woman that she is a bad mother. That she cannot take care of her child adequately enough. Some of them, again not all of them, will then sell the baby to couples that are infertile for 30-40k. They will tell the pregnant woman about the emotional and physical side effects of abortion. However, they will not talk about the emotional and physical side effects of carrying to term and there are many. They also do not tell the woman about the emotional side effects of adoption. If they do at all, they will promise counseling that sometimes doesn’t come to pass. I will post it a 3rd time, I know that not all of them do this, but some of them do. Yes, I realize that not all of them do.

Secondly, some of them make themselves look like medical centers. Some of them conveniently are right next to the abortion clinic. Some of them have practically the same name. Is that not a bit misleading? Abby Johnson, who is now anti-abortion, tells CPCs in states with forced ultrasound laws to lie and say that their ultrasound machine will fulfill the legal requirements. This is not true, because the person performing the abortion has to provide the ultrasound and often read from a script written by anti-aborts. Therefore, some CPCs advertised free ultrasound to lure women into their center. In reality, the woman will just have to possibly go through harassment and 2 ultrasounds.

Is that right to you?

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