Our lopsided trade with China has led to the loss of nearly 2.8 million jobs since 2001—and NAFTA has cost us hundreds of thousands more. And while Wall Street and corporate greed drove our economy into a ditch, Big Business responded by increasing the mass exodus of jobs overseas and sitting on $1 trillion dollars in cash instead of hiring workers in this country.

While working families are coming together to demand our leaders negotiate new trade policies to create and support good jobs in America and rebuild our nation, U.S. trade representatives are negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement (TPP FTA), which will be the biggest trade agreement in U.S. history.

To ensure this trade agreement works for working families and creates and protects jobs in the United States, we’re delivering an emergency petition from working families on July 8 in San Diego during the next round of the TPP FTA negotiations.

Sign our petition now to urge President Obama and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to negotiate a trade policy that creates good jobs in the United States, ensures all levels of government can Buy American, protects workers’ rights and stops foreign corporations from skirting U.S. laws to help their bottom line.

Public Citizen has a lot more information about TPP.

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