American Crossroads is yet to account for $23.8 million in spending. This cycle, American Crossroads spent $104.7 million to sway the electorate. Unfortunately for them, only 1.29% of the money went toward the results American Crossroads wanted.

Restore Our Future, the super PAC that supported Mitt Romney spent $10.9 million more than it accounted for in donations. The group spent $142.6 million promoting the unsuccessful Republican presidential campaign during the election.

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg started Independence USA PAC in October; the group only started spending Oct. 22, dodging the pre-election filing requirements by waiting to the last minute. While it’s expected that Bloomberg has provided most or all of the money, the filings should answer this question.

Of Now or Never PAC’s $7.7 million in spending, $5 million has not been accounted for in donations. (And with a 14.3% rate of return, on the group’s spending, maybe the final answer is “never.”)

Freedomworks for America got large donations last year ,from its sister political non-profit Freedomworks. The super PAC still needs to account for $3.8 million in donations.

House Majority PAC spent $30.7 million in the election, $3 million has yet to be accounted for this cycle.

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