I don’t know why other people to connect to Landry so much. I know why I do. I think it boils down the fact that he doesn’t fit into any particular stereotype. On TV, a lot of shows - especially about high school - tend to have their little stereotypes the characters are supposed to fit in. Landry, you can’t really peg, can’t really figure him out. Which is something that’s kept it interesting for me these last four seasons. He’s got a really good heart, really loyal and he’s super quirky. I can never really do too much with Landry, which is a lot of fun.

Jesse Plemons Talks ‘Friday Night Lights,’ Fictional Bands and Tiger Woods Advice

There is a Facebook group created to nominate Plemmons’ co-star Zach Guilford for an Emmy. I like Guilford well enough - but I’ve got to say that a roll that takes an actor to be moody seems to me not as note worthy as playing someone like Landry, episode-in-and-out, which seems to be so real…my 2¢.

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