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Wireless network Drive testers are the other contractors that need to be mentioned. They drive all over the US, day and night collecting information about dropped calls and other problems that stop your cell phone from connecting. Many work like day laborers driving for any one of the cell phone carriers, chasing work with little sleep and low pay. Many are engineering students from India and Pakistan hoping to find entry level work to move up the engineering ladder at companies like T-mobile, AT&T and other wireless carriers. They work very hard for $10-25 per hour, sleep many to a room and sometimes in the rental cars they are provided to complete DRIVE TEST projects in support of 3G to 4G network upgrades. The problem goes even deeper many of the higher paying jobs don’t go to Americans. When the drive testers become RF engineers they keep the crazy work style. I saw one engineer from Pakistan had a sleeping bag under his desk during the turn up of 3G service in the north east market. He must have been in the office over 24 hours processing log files from drive test teams.

A comment on Cell Tower Deaths | FRONTLINE | PBS

AT&T, A Member of ALEC, tries to squeeze every penny it can out of it’s investments, no matter who it hurts or cheats.

The best corollary that comes to mind is credit cards. If a fraudster gets hold of your card number and runs up a bunch of charges, the card company won’t hold you accountable. As long as it’s clear that an act of fraud took place, you’re off the hook.

AT&T doesn’t operate that way. Even if it’s plain that you’re a fraud victim, the phone company will still try to stick you with the tab if it believes it was your system, and not the company’s, that was hacked. Verizon has a similar policy.

When AT&T phone line is hacked, who’s on the hook?

Did you know in California that the Public Utilities Commission won’t handle these issues? It’s state law that all disputes with your telephone service provider are handled in arbitration. That’s no good for you.

The way to be successful in America:

  1. Pass all kinds of anti-consumer legislation in state legislatures where media pays little attention that will serve your business best.
  2. Deny Responsibility
Cagle Post » BloATT: the state of the art of oligopoly

Cagle Post » BloATT: the state of the art of oligopoly

Verizon & ATT are not likely to get my business in the future

I won’t feed corporations that want to restrict what I legally have access to on the internet.