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Greetings Yoweri Museveni, and other Anti-Homosexuality Bill thugs. We’ve been watching you for quite a while now. We even were so kind as to jostle you a bit in the past to try and bring you to your senses. However, you still fail to see the errors of your ways. Rampant child rape plagues your nation. Your own so-called “Ministry of Ethics and Integrity” is headed by someone who seems to be ok with that fact. All too often we’ve seen the abuse of human rights as a symptom of the mass corruption that lurks in the shadows. You have declared war on the world’s LGBT citizens and the time has come for us to make good on our promises to you. Each day we will continue to take down targets we deem as responsible for the deaths of LGBT people in Uganda. We will continue until you not only repeal these despicable laws but actually provide laws securing the dignity of your citizens humanity and establishing the framework for their prosperity as well.

At the linked document, there are several points of contact of Ugandan officials and public personalities. You’re invited to shame and harangue these bigots for their misdeeds.

There are also domains for websites of the same. It may be illegal and I am not suggesting that you ping -t these servers as a denial of service attack.

If nobody else will take action and the government of Uganda refuses to see reason, Anonymous will adopt a scorched earth policy towards Uganda’s network infrastructure. You should expect us, for we do not forgive and we will not forget.
The real concern here is a shotgun approach to justice that sprays its punishment over thousands of people who are engaged in their democratic right to protest simply because a small handful of people committed digital vandalism. This is the kind of overreaction that usually occurs when a government is trying to squash dissent; it’s not unlike what happens in other, more oppressive countries.

Since 2008, activists around the world have rallied around the name ‘Anonymous’ to take collective action and voice political discontent. The last two years in particular have been a watershed moment in the history of hacktivism: Never before have so many geeks and hackers wielded their keyboards for the sake of political expression, dissent, and direct action.

Even though some Anonymous participants did engage in actions that were illegal, the ensemble itself poses no threat to national security. The GCHQ has no business infecting activists’ systems with malware and thwarting their communications. And if we’re going to prosecute activists and put them in jail for large amounts of time for making a website unavailable for 10 minutes, then that same limitation should apply to anyone who breaks the law — be they a hacker, our next door neighbor, or the GCHQ.

Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazi Website, Finds Ron Paul Connection

Internet hactivist group “Anonymous” broke into the white supremacist website America Third Position (A3P) and found more than they bargained for. In the document dump that consisted of private forum messages, emails, organizational notes and other personal information, they found connections with former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The documents revealed Paul held meetings with the group and regularly met with many A3P members, engaged in conference calls with their board of directors and participated in a “bridging tactic” between A3P and the Ron Paul Revolution. Not surprisingly, A3P is heavily involved in campaigning for Paul. Also revealed, Paul met with Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party — the UK fascist group with neo-Nazi roots.

“Robert J. Portman, we plan to make an example of you,” writes an Anonymous operative. The hacktivist has also released personal data including the senator’s home address, phone number and social networking accounts in an attempt to further an infiltration from the Internet to show the opposition to the bill that colossally impacts the constitutional rights of Americans.

It appears that Anonymous isn’t one of my followers. Portman isn’t the one to hack, because the ones to blame for Portman are his donors.

Anonymous, let’s make a deal: I’ll teach you a few things about how U.$. Politic$ work and you can teach me a few things about teh interwebz.

Anonymous punishes Florida Family Association for promoting bigotry, hatred - National Anonymous |

On Monday, a hacktivist identified as ih@zcAnNONz and working under the flag of Anonymous and LulzSec issued a Pastebin release with email and IP addresses of Florida Family Association members receiving newsletters, as well as a sample of members credit card information offered as proof of the hack.

In addition, on Monday afternoon the Florida Family Association website was not available for some time, presumably it was the victim of a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack conducted by sympathetic Anonymous enthusiasts.

Current TV & MSNBC get an atta boy from Anonymous.

The only change to the way that any of these three do their jobs is that I’d do away with Ratigan’s persistence in comparing OWS to the Tea Party. The tea party has had the whiff of bigotry from day one — bigotry is an exception in OWS.

Message from ANON to Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, & Lawrence O’Donnell
(by TheANONymouslyFree)

Anonymous, are you a defender of white privilege alone?


After Anonymous hacked BART and used its email list to advertise a new protest — now less about the shooting of Charles Hill by BART police and more about the censorship of a public demonstration — protestors rallied at BART stations last night.

This could easily be construed as Anonymous holding their rights to have access to telecommunication services as more important and dear than a destitute man having a right to live, such as Charles Hill was living.

Please, tell me Anonymous how this impression is wrong. Tell me that you give a damn any more about the injustice done to Charles Hill than the paralegal that gets on the train in Concord, goes to The City, works for a law firm defending a petrochemical company’s interest in polluting people here in the USA, then returns home at night to drink a beer and shout along with Sean Hannity on a cable noise channel.

Anonymous released file on Iran

Link to a torrent precedes.