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We’re Going for the Gold!

Mexico and Brazil play tomorrow for the Olympic gold medal in football. Although Mexico is the underdog against heavily favored Brazil, the Mighty Mexicans have shown resiliency and have proven the ability to win against the Brazilians in recent matchups.

Look for a tight game with hopefully Mexico standing atop the winners’ stand at the end!

Images via fuckyeahchivas

Wow, did I get some bad information….

Should I apologize to NBC? Do you think that my tweet broke them down as badly as they built up and dropped Jordyn Wieber to shatter in a zillion pieces?

Just an astounding, exasperating game yesterday.

It also showed how inept and corrupt FIFA is from the Top Corner Office to down on the field.

In Dresden, a red card was handed out to Rachel Buehler without a second thought, yet Brasil’s Erika goes through all kinds of histrionics and it doesn’t even draw a penalty.

In Mexico City, Uruguay goal keeper Jonathan Cubero got no help from the officials when a jerk in the stands shines a laser light in to his eyes before an indirect penalty kick. Again, FIFA’s referee would not bring the game to a dead stop until the laser and the idiot pointing it in to the high school age kid’s eyes were apprehended - continuity of the game and assurance of another Mexican victory were more important than the kid’s eye sight.

Sepp Blatter is still a turd.