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So I got weak and I went to Comic Con

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Chicago-based Haute Campe may exhibit Nazi costumes at Comic Con.

Welcome to San Diego, assholes. I’ve smelled your ilk on the web before.

All I can deduct from looking at their website is that they have a real fear of being dragged out in to the streets of Chicago, then being tarred and feathered because they don’t have a either their street address nor a mail box listed to send them mail attached to their site. Bigots are like that: just ask the NAACP how much hate mail they get that has a return address with a full, real name attached to the message.

While the Haute Kampf grüppen is in town, let me suggest a place by the beach that they should go drink at; yes, drink like having a fire hose stuffed down their throats.