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PG & E to face criminal charges for San Bruno Pipeline explosion

Does this mean that executives will do time in jail?

Jurors should be fully aware when they are deliberating the fate of another human being that the only difference between who is sitting at the defendant’s table and the witness on the stand snitching on the defendant is who caved in first to pressure exerted by law enforcement and prosecutors. In many cases, the witness may have done something worse than the defendant, and was therefore more motivated to make a deal to squeal.

Take for example the case of Rich Paul, convicted primarily of marijuana-related offenses, thanks to government collusion with a snitch named Richie DuPont sent by an FBI agent to make illegal purchases from Paul in exchange for leniency for heroin offenses. And what was the FBI going after Rich Paul for? Were they interested in snaring him on marijuana charges? No, as Paul explained in a 2013 interview with FIJA, the FBI wanted drug charges to hang over his head in order to strong arm him into infiltrating a local community group and acting as a government snitch for political purposes….
I asked Murray about another development that disturbed me at the hearing last week: Two police officers tried to shred Esparza’s credibility by saying she’d somehow consented to being raped. One said that after Ramirez overpowered her, Esparza “consented to Gonzalo raping her.” Another testified that because Patricia was too weak to fend Gonzalo off, she “allowed Gonzalo to rape her.”

It should be obvious, especially to anyone in law enforcement: There is no such thing as consenting to being raped. It’s a contradiction in terms. For police and prosecutors to create any other impression is to blur the definition of rape in a way that disserves victims everywhere.

Murray, however, said, “I’ve heard a million people say she was raped. Really? There’s been no finding of that and I know of no evidence of that except the accused murderer’s statement of it.”
This closure is in response to a significant increase in wood poaching crimes occurring along the parkway. These crimes usually
involve cutting burl and bunion growths from both standing and fallen old-growth redwood trees. The wood is then sold for construction materials, ornamental furniture, and souvenirs. This type of wood is becoming increasingly rare and the most plentiful supply is often found on park lands.

Bad Cops don't deserve pensions OR doughnuts in Rhode Island

This amendment to RI Law 9-26-5, Exception of Police and Firefighters’ Pensions—Assignments Invalid, is proposed to exclude CONVICTED murderers from receiving their disability pension while serving their prison sentence.  Obviously this is one  unintended consequence of the original law.  The amendment would also allow a Civil Court of Law to consider the disability pension of a CONVICTED murderer when adjudicating justice for the victim’s family.  It is a law that applies ONLY to police and firefighters’ pensions.   Another unintended consequence of the law is that it causes the murderer to “double dip” into the State coffers.  The taxpayers are fully supporting him while he is serving his 20 years, plus life, sentence and the taxpayers are totally enriching him while he also collects his tax-free disability pension.  We don’t even allow our retired school teachers to do that.  Certainly that is something that we should not allow murderers to do.

My son, LT James Pagano, was an active and respected 17-year veteran firefighter on the Cranston Fire Department when he was murdered by his neighbor.   The murderer was a former Providence Police Officer who many years ago served 6 months active duty on the force, hurt his knee and “decided” to go on disability for the rest of his life.   Jim was murdered three years prior to the 20 years necessary to receive a full pension; therefore, his family receives nearly half of what the murderer and his family receive while he is serving his sentence.   

At the time of his murder, my son and his family (pictured here) were celebrating the ninth birthday of his son, my grandson.  He also had a 12-year old daughter and a lovely wife.  They deserve at least as much income as the murderer and his family receive.

With just days until the special election in the race for San Diego mayor, police want to know who’s behind the brazen theft of “David Alvarez for Mayor” political signs.

Police have some leads on this one as the crime was caught on tape by a witness.

Michael Russell posted the video on YouTube under the headline “Kevin Faulconer Thugs steal David Alvarez Signs in dead of night.”

He narrates what he sees.

“Definitely busted,” Russell is heard saying on tape.

He confronts the man.

“Who are you, what are you doing,” Russell asks. “Why are you taking down David Alvarez signs?”

Russell tells the man that he recorded the theft on videotape and plans to report the crime. The man, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, doesn’t reply but gives Russell a thumbs up. 

All of this went down near the trolley station on Friars Road.

The tape shows the theft unfolding along with a quick image of the suspect himself and even a couple shots of a California license plate hanging on the pickup.

Russell reported the crime to the San Diego police department.

According to the police report, Russell told police that he saw a man he described as clean shaven, short hair and light skin with the stolen signs. 

(Download sign theft police report)

According to the police report, Russell “was at the trolley station on Friars Rd when he saw the listed suspect steal three political signs. Russell video taped the crime as it unfolded. The signs say, “Dave Alvarez for Mayor.”

The police report references the existence of a video. But says it has no suspects.

“The question is whether the Faulconer campaign is behind this,” says a political insider. “If he is, and they are willing to do this to stoop to this to win, he’s got real trouble.”

So far no word from the Faulconer campaign. Election day is Tuesday. 


Being openly Trans is not always accepted, and sometimes can cause life changing injuries.

On 1/18/2014, I was attending a friends birthday party. I was dressed my best, having a wonderful time with a good friend and the birthday girl when all of a sudden Gangam Style started playing. We put down our hookah’s and headed for the dance floor to have some fun, just as it should be!

Rumors had been going around through the place that I was trans (FTM) and some people did not take too kindly to that. But, I thought nothing of it and made myself have a wonderful night.

Up until the end of the song. After busting a move and killing it on the dance floor, the last line of the song played and I was shoved hard into the dj booth and caused to loose my footing and land horribly wrong on my left leg. I had blacked out from the pain and was carried outside to see an ambulance in the parking lot.

I spent 7 hours in the ER having Xrays, shots of Morphine and my best friend by my side. I left to be told I had torn the ligaments and tendons in my leg. If you’re unaware of this injury, it can take months to heal. And I would know. 7 years ago it happened to my right leg so I have experienced this before as a child. The difference is, now I’m an adult. 

And this injury caused me to lose my job as a server leaving me with no income nor any way to pay for my bills and months of Physical therapy that I will have to endure.

I’m opening donations and commissions to help pay for all of my bills because in America, nothing is cheap nor is it easy. 

My paypal is and any donation will recieve a free drawing.

I also have set up a plan on Indiegogo!

Even if you can’t help, please reblog and show your support. 

Are drug users likely to be cured by being locked up? Are we really better off with so many nonviolent drug offenders in prison? These are questions that seem important to answer before we go ahead and lock up a million people.

Iowa Gov. Branstad: Keep these children safe.

Last year, Audre’y Eby picked up her sons’ from their father’s home in Iowa for a visit to her home in Nebraska. She had to take them to the emergency room the next day, where the doctors established that their father’s fiancé had viciously kicked one of her 16-year-old twins in the groin, leaving him badly bruised and with blood in his urine. The doctor reported the incident to Child Protective services and told Ms. Eby that she’d be reported for child endangerment if she returned her sons to their father.

While another court was beginning a criminal investigation into this sixth documented incident of abuse by either their father or his fiancé, the boys’ father successfully petitioned another judge in Plymouth County, Iowa, to enforce his custody order and issue an arrest warrant for Ms. Eby for not returning the boys.

I just signed a petition asking Iowa Governor Terry Branstad to investigate this matter and help keep Ms. Eby’s sons safe. Will you join me?