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U.S. Retains Title of "Lord of War" By Flooding the World With Weapons

Once again, the U.S. saturates the developing world, and just about everywhere else, with arms, according to new U.S. government report.

Palestine & U.N. Recognition

One million people across the world have signed the petition for a Palestinian State. Avaaz will deliver this to key leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in New York throughout this week. Let’s keep ramping up the pressure and make sure our Heads of State support this legitimate bid for self determination.

Russia, China & others block UN action on Syria abuses

Russia & China do nothing to stop carnage in Syria

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday that Syrian President Bashar Assad has “lost all sense of humanity,” and President Barack Obama has called the attacks in Syria “horrifying.”

Italy recalled its ambassador from Damascus this week. U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, said: “The Government has been trying to keep the world blind about the alarming situation in the country by refusing access to foreign journalists, independent human rights groups and to the fact-finding mission mandated by the Human Rights Council.”

Still, no official action was taken by the world body.

"The shadow of Libya hovers over the (Security) Council," Stephane Crouzat, press spokesman of the French Mission to the U.N., told CBS News on Tuesday evening.

Just minutes later, Vitaly Churkin, the Russian Ambassador to the U.N., emerged after two days of negotiations to say that there was no agreement.

Churkin said Russia’s view, shared by several members of the Council, was that the proposals on the table were “too far reaching,” and that “the required balance has not been achieved in the course of the discussions and the current shape and form of the text may not play a constructive and positive role which we would like to see the Security Council play.”

Calling it “time wasted,” Churkin said there have been a “number of ideological things that took our attention away from the necessary impact from the proper message from the Security Council.”

It’s all about maintaining power and a nation in your sphere of influence or keeping Syria out of someone else’s. Syrians are not your slaves people, they belong to Assad….they are none of your business, right?

Libya NATO’s Terror in Tripoli, Mahdi Nazemroaya, (by ReuTeuKeu)

I won’t call this video the best example of the story. The end of the video shows what leads me to think that he was with the journalists reputed to be held captive in the Hotel Rixos by Ghadaffi loyalists. With that caveat, he does touch on the casualties of NATO’s support of regime change™ in Libya.

It takes what it takes to shut out the Russians and the Chinese.

The Bush administration cited Gaddafi’s shrewd decision to dismantle a crude nuclear weapons program and its payment of reparations to the families of the victims of Pan Am 103 to justify the opening of an American embassy in Tripoli. Neither of these empty gestures translated into a fundamental change in the nature of the Gaddafi tyranny. Gaddafi cunningly suspended the foreign terror operations but continued to terrorize the Libyan people with the confidence of a tyrant with a new lease on life. President Bush never openly condemned the repression in Libya, despite his lofty rhetoric about America’s commitment to democracy in the Middle East at the onset of the war in Iraq. The appeasement with Libya was always about petroleum, never about principle.

September 11 deepened the Bush administration’s disturbing relationship with Gaddafi. The administration secretly reached out to Libyan intelligence to cooperate in the global war on terrorism. In their memoirs, former CIA officials describe surreal meetings with Libyan intelligence chieftains whom they suspected of involvement in the destruction of Pan Am 103.

Libyan officials were only too pleased to identify, detain and torture Libyans who gravitated to Al Qaeda at the behest of the CIA. Perhaps the collaboration with Libyan intelligence seemed like a morally acceptable compromise after the slaughter of Americans on 9/11, but the secret partnership with Gaddafi served emboldened him in his secret campaign to ratchet up the repression in Libya.
Before feminists and the antiwar left come to blows, we might do well to consider that every Afghan woman or girl who still goes to work or school does so with the support of a progressive husband or father. Several husbands of prominent working women have been killed for not keeping their wives at home, and many are threatened. What’s taking place in Afghanistan is commonly depicted, as it is on the Time cover, as a battle of the forces of freedom, democracy and women’s rights (that is, the United States and the Karzai government) against the demon Taliban. But the real struggle is between progressive Afghan women and men, many of them young, and a phalanx of regressive forces. For the United States, the problem is this: the regressive forces militating against women’s rights and a democratic future for Afghanistan are headed by the demon Taliban, to be sure, but they also include the fundamentalist (and fundamentally misogynist) Karzai government, and us.

Nixon urged death threats to Uruguayan prisoners

If Nixon was anything, he was a crude imperialist by twisting arms to threaten Uruguayan lefists, amongst other acts.

Six Facts No War Supporter Knows

Few on the left has articulated “ yes, I want out of Afghanistan, even if religious (sic) extremists are left to fester to grow and attack us again” if any one has taken a stand for that choice (I haven’t seen anyone do it). That does not change the ambivalence I feel about Afghanistan.

Swanson points out that:

  1. For many months, probably years, at least the second largest and probably the largest source of revenue for the Taliban has been U.S. taxpayers.
  2. Our top consumer of oil is the U.S. military.
  3. Over half of every U.S. tax dollar is spent on wars, the military, and payments on debt for past wars and military spending.
  4. A leading, and probably the leading, cause of death in the U.S. military is suicide.
  5. The $33 billion about to be voted on cannot possibly be needed to continue the war in Afghanistan, because it is exclusively to be used for escalating that war.
  6. War would be the greatest evil on earth even if it were free.

The Leveretts say "Kill Iran with Kindness"

A few months back, I was up late and watched Charlie Rose. Hillary Mann Leverett and Flynt Leverett were on and had very credible arguments that the last Iranian election could have legitimately selected Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to be president.