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It is clear that Tammy Duckworth makes Joe Walsh feel inadequate. Whether it is because of her military service, because he has nothing comparable to run on or talk about, or simply because she is a woman is unclear. However, his “Ashleigh, Ashleigh” extravaganza strongly suggests that it is women who make him feel inadequate. In any case, it follows a pattern that indicates that Walsh has severe issues with women. Personally, I suspect they make him feel inadequate because he is inadequate.

Wolf Blitzer Chastises Tammy Duckworth for her treatment of Joe Walsh

BLITZER: I agree that the differences on substantive policy issues are what the two of you should be debating about. He’s used some nasty words. But you’ve also suggested among other things that Walsh is an extremist loud mouth for the Tea Party.

Back in April, you said there’s not a crack pot Tea Party idea that he hasn’t embraced. Is that appropriate to use that kind of language against the sitting United States congressman?

What does the fact the he’s a “sitting congressmen” have to do with what he said? Or that Joe Walsh is a first-rate jackass?

DUCKWORTH: I think it’s appropriate against a gentleman who says that he wants to be the poster child for the Tea Party. He actually gave that quote to “Time” magazine.

He’s told the people in the district you’re not going to get squat from me, his words. And that he is going to Washington to shout from the mountain tops and he’s not going to compromise.

He’s not going to work with anyone. He is there it to be a poster child for the Tea Party. Well, if he’s proud of that, then he needs to embrace that because the people in the district are sick and tired of what’s going on in Washington.

What? Do you have any more false equivocation, Mr. Blitzer? Have you forgotten this turning point in American Politics?