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Private Practice's KaDee Strickland is Fired Up about Reproductive Rights

Everything under the blanket about the way women are being perceived through politics is really provocative for me because the whole notion that the Violence Against Women Act is something that could go away, the whole notion that women and their health care is something that is really being belittled right now in such a blatant way is what I’m most fired up about. When you are in a position, as someone who has been sexually assaulted or who has been a product of incest, and someone deems that as a potential for lying—the notion that women are so cunning and that something like abortion is so haphazard—that you would lie about being raped, it floors me. That using birth control is not a valid choice. I had to go on birth control because I had ovarian cysts. When I was a waitress/actress, Planned Parenthood is what I turned to. I wouldn’t have had the capacity to get my one doctor visit in a year without that. Who knows where my health would be. I could go on for days about how misconstrued the media has been, and I really hope that people, especially women, show up in force to be more authentic in this moment with politics. The issue of sexual assault is something I’ll always champion. The radicalism in parts of the Republican Party is frightening to me right now because it’s not grounded in reality, from my point of view. The arguments just aren’t grounded in reality. It’s grounded in this created myth of how we behave as human beings, and that is not accurate.