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Based on my read of the reporting out Friday and after viewing TMZ’s video — and this is only one brain injury physician’s reading — it is highly unlikely that Jason Russell’s behaviors in the streets of San Diego on Thursday March 15th were intentional. It is much more likely that he was experiencing a psychotic episode — a manic state — an event as recognizable to some clinicians as a heart attack.
Brain injury physician/journalist, Ford Vox, diagnosing Jason Russel from afar in The Atlantic.  (via joshsternberg)
Jason Russell, 33, was partly clothed, screaming incoherently and running into the street at Ingraham Street and Riviera Drive near Crown Point when officers arrived on Thursday.

Police were responding to multiple calls from concerned residents, some of whom reported a man was naked and pounding on sidewalks, Lt. Andra Brown said.

Brown said officers determined the man was in need of a mental-health examination and because he was privately insured they transported him to an unspecified hospital.

Dude, I’ve Tripped Hairy Balls in Crown Point before, but no one called the cops on me.

Russell must have taken one dose too many.

There is Video of it, too. Good thing that I didn’t Trip Hairy Balls during daylight after a proliferation of video capture devices through out the developed world.