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Tell ICE: Drop the ICE HOLD on Hector Nolasco!

Hector Nolasco and DaughterHector Nolasco is a day laborer whose employer falsely accused him of assault when he stood up for his rights. Hector is now in Los Angeles County Sheriff’s custody and has been issued an ICE hold. His wife and two-year-old daughter are frantic with worry. Sign today to tell ICE to lift the hold and not take any enforcement action against Hector.

Here’s what happened:

Hector and a friend were hired to work for 5 hours. After working 7, they told their employer he’d have to pay them more if he wanted them to keep working. When he refused, Hector and his friend walked away. But the employer followed them, harassed them and, finally, called the police and falsely reported that Hector had threatened them with a knife.

If this story sounds familiar, it’s because it happens all too often. With your support, we recently succeeded in stopping the deportation of Jose Ucelo, a day laborer who, like Hector, faced deportation after his employer falsely reported him to the police. Now we need to help Hector like we helped Jose.

We know that with your help we can win this fight. But it will take a fight to win.

I think that anytime that an intoxicant is made legal there are social costs associated with it. And I point directly to cigarettes and alcohol as examples,

We’re talking about loss of work and collisions, work-related industrial injuries. Somebody comes to work stoned, and they are working some heavy equipment or up on a high-rise — a window washer that’s stoned — not only could he [or she] injure himself, but some of his or her negligence could cause someone else to be injured.

Lee Baca, don’t you have more people in custody than you can legally detain? If that is the case, why do you have this clown blabbering this non-sense to overfill your jails (more)?


Ruben Salazar was a journalist covering the Chicano Moratorium protests in Los Angeles. Salazar was respected by the whole of the journalist community of Los Angeles. The Latino community was proud of their son who stayed close to home, who prospered by serving his community. Salazar died suspiciously, many believe at the hand of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

People are again asking the sheriff, now Lee Baca, to release these records. Can L.A. Sheriff’s Department records shed light on Ruben Salazar’s death? Will Baca resist these requests and waste the people’s tax money attempting to defend (something like a) FOIA request in court?