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The MLK that’s never quoted.

SO where’s the color blind folks at? Talmbout how Dr. King was all about “ignoring race and coming together?” The man went in on whiteness on a regular basis and essentially said it straight: White privilege has to come down before racial equality can happen.

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Organized Labor

Martin Luther King, Jr. on Organized Labor

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You know, I read about this shit in Gitmo and this shit going in all of our prisons and jails and I worry about how civilized we are, about how we Americans won’t hold ourselves to a higher standard any more. Just like some people don’t give a damn about the Establishment Clause any more. And then there is that restoration thing Beck is doing at the Lincoln Memorial today - I still cannot think of anything so tone deaf, hamfisted and deluded to call people to travel far-and-wide to participate in.

All I can hope is that Curtis Mayfield felt the same sense of bewilderment writing and performing this song as I do now and wondered if the sun would not rise the next day. Fortunately, it has been rising and the world outlived Mayfield. I’m going to work in the paradigm that this a bad day, not the apocalypse.

Honoring MLK's Legacy -- or Hijacking It?

Marette Parker will be taking a bus from Charlotte to a different Washington destination. Parker, 42, who is organizing a North Carolina chapter of National Action Network, is attending the group’s rally, starting at Dunbar High School and followed by a march to the site of the proposed King Memorial, which she said is “long overdue.”

Parker said that if King were alive today, he would “be proud that times have changed,” but would be saddened by problems that still exist. “We all have to come together as a community,” she said, “to mentor and motivate our young people.” She thinks Beck’s rally is “trying to hijack this particular day and steal media coverage,” she said. “We can’t let this happen.”

I honestly cannot imagine what Beck is doing on the Lincoln Memorial today - but I haven’t bothered to find out from the man (sic) himself about it; I figure that has to do with having no respect for him. I could imagine that the title Restoring Honor comes from some frail sense of self as an American, as if our nation’s problems were too great to rationally consider. How about a bad analogy: If the USA was a morbidly obese man, I figure that The Right Wing isn’t worried about his feet because he can’t see them standing up while the Center-to-Left is trying to get everyone to decide on a diet plan.

I see the right-wing ginning up all of these events promoted by Fox News and all of these twisted interpretations of the world and I find it, well, tiresome…exhausting to have to keep shouting that the Emporer has no clothes and he looks ugly when he’s naked.

No judgment about Ms. Parker’s plan for the day, but I’d just turn my back on what ever the denizens of Beckistan were doing today in Washington just as I would understand the rants of a schizophrenic were not about me or anyone else around them in the real world.

…the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony; my conscience leaves me no other choice. A time comes when silence is betrayal.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
April 4, 1967
Riverside Church, New York City
-MLK: A Call to Conscience