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Anonymous Hacks Neo-Nazi Website, Finds Ron Paul Connection

Internet hactivist group “Anonymous” broke into the white supremacist website America Third Position (A3P) and found more than they bargained for. In the document dump that consisted of private forum messages, emails, organizational notes and other personal information, they found connections with former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.

The documents revealed Paul held meetings with the group and regularly met with many A3P members, engaged in conference calls with their board of directors and participated in a “bridging tactic” between A3P and the Ron Paul Revolution. Not surprisingly, A3P is heavily involved in campaigning for Paul. Also revealed, Paul met with Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National Party — the UK fascist group with neo-Nazi roots.

Still, I don’t think this is necessarily a good comparison. The American right wing has a deep, entrenched paranoid belief that higher educated has a liberal bias. So when Karl Rove talks about education, he doesn’t mean the abstract idea of learning about the world, he means this weird imaginary indoctrination he thinks people go through.

So while I don’t want to defend conservatives, I think Nazi comparisons hurt a LOT more than they help. It’s such a tired, obnoxious thing to resort to, I think we can do better.

In a nation where people blabbler in all seriousness about Barack Obama being any combination of being Nigerian, Muslim, Socialist or Communist, a nation where Christianity and Patriotism are conflated and a nation that had the likes of G.W. Bush elected to the office of POTUS twice, could you tell me what I am getting for holding back, choosing words carefully, being patient enough to explain my side of an argument or setting an example by dismissing right wing extremists quietly?

Tell me that none of this is part of the nation’s political milieu. Show me how Britt’s analysis doesn’t apply to the USA in the 21st Century and how it’s not happening here and now.

I say that you stand on decorum in denial of being in a pool of dumbth and fascism that is getting deeper every day. As you look down your nose at me, don’t forget to check if that pool has covered your shoulders or is up to your chin…you might still have time to do something about.

Nazis go to The West Allis state fair

What the rally amounted to in numbers: about 25 Neo-Nazis in a “In Defense of White America” rally, approximately 300 police in riot gear with armored vehicles at the ready, and anywhere from “several hundred” to 2,000 counter-protesters. The white power group selected West Allis after it was the site of a black youth mob attack on white Wisconsin State Fair attendees on August 4 when 7 officers were hurt, 24 youth were arrested and 11 fair-goers were injured.

According to MJS, “Several people in the crowd wore yellow T-shirts identifying themselves as ACLU legal observers. Some of the slogans on signs in the crowd included “More jobs, less hate” and “Stop Nazi hate.”

Neo-Nazis Seek Foothold in Kindergartens

An eastern German state is so worried about neo-Nazis trying to take over kindergartens that it has ordered teachers to vow allegiance to democracy. But that won’t tackle the underlying problem — the racist youths who assaulted immigrants in the 1990s are now parents intent on rearing little skinheads.

I hate Illinois Nazis.

Chicago-based Haute Campe may exhibit Nazi costumes at Comic Con.

Welcome to San Diego, assholes. I’ve smelled your ilk on the web before.

All I can deduct from looking at their website is that they have a real fear of being dragged out in to the streets of Chicago, then being tarred and feathered because they don’t have a either their street address nor a mail box listed to send them mail attached to their site. Bigots are like that: just ask the NAACP how much hate mail they get that has a return address with a full, real name attached to the message.

While the Haute Kampf grüppen is in town, let me suggest a place by the beach that they should go drink at; yes, drink like having a fire hose stuffed down their throats.