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Jenkins goes on from mis-representing the past, to telling his readers that the local AFL-CIO took Labor Day weekend off after having a Friday morning banquet.

Funny thing is, I just returned from Horton Plaza where better than three hundred members of a least six unions that I counted, joined with local activists in a protest demanding “Jobs Not Cuts”. Congressman (and Mayoral candidate) Bob Filner spoke, along with Congressional candidate Lori Saldana, AFL-CIO Secretary Lorena Gonzalez, and Frank Gormlie. There were TV crews from at least four local stations at the rally. And there was an earlier rally in support of the Grocery Workers just a few blocks away; the print edition of the paper even ran a teaser headline for a local scab tv station right next to Jenkins’ column.

But, according to Jenkins, “[local labor leaders] Wouldn’t want to clutter the long weekend with parades and fire-breathing speeches that, frankly, few would take the time to attend.”

U-T Celebrates Labor Day With Logan Jenkins’ Lies

Those things happen when you won’t be bothered to go downtown from the North County.

Recess-bound lawmakers romp over Reagan remembrance

…a nominee for the Joseph Welch Award for Demagoguery in Government

Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, D-San Diego, complained that by creating a commission to develop “appropriate means” of marking Reagan’s birth in 1911, the state would be wasting money during a period of austerity. She also criticized Reagan as an opponent of government. And, she noted, Illinois-native Reagan wasn’t even born in California.

That led the bill’s author, Assembly Republican leader Martin Garrick of Solana Beach, to point out that other individuals the state honors – Martin Luther King Jr. and Cesar Chavez – weren’t California natives either.

Hey Marty, how about getting your constituents to pay for it? Some of them can pay for it without breaking a sweat. Fair is fair: these people (your constituents) benefit more from small government than most other Californians.