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As a Wisconsin high school kid, I got his autograph in Milwaukee after a game in the 1957 Series, along with that of many others, including Mickey, Whitey, Yogi (my hero then), Moose, Hank Aaron, Warren Spahn, Eddie Matthews and Lew Burdette. Getting Jerry Coleman’s was the most difficult as, in suit and tie and movie star handsome, he was surrounded by Milwaukee women.
Hang a Star on This One.
Lt. Col. Jerry Coleman, USMC

Hang a Star on This One.
Lt. Col. Jerry Coleman, USMC

This is The End

The Rockets moved to Houston; The Clippers left for Los Angeles. The Chargers were destroyed by the Forty-Niners in the Super Bowl. Twice the Padres were swatted out of the World Series. If you become a fan of the any of the sports franchises in San Diego, you recognize the tell-tale signs of the beginning of the end. That came late last month.

This last road trip showed all of the Padres flaws. If your team can’t beat…

  • the worst team in the game
  • the best team in the other league in the same game
  • a team that is the best of the rest in your league

…your team won’t be going to go far in the playoffs, assuming that they play perfectly for the rest of the season

The damage can’t be undone. The Padres were playing with as much talent as they are going to have this year. This new ownership regime shows no signs of picking up a couple gazillion dollar free agents to do a ⅜ Steinbrenner to pump up the bullpen.

San Diego sports fans know what defeat looks like. This year, the Padres’ just happen to come before the All-Star Break. Assuming that you’re not some vato who doesn’t have the self-respect to pack it away in January, it’s time to break out the Chargers gear.

They entered the series 6-15 and were facing the defending World Series champion Giants, who entered the series with a 13-9 record. I think many believed this would be a sweep, just not by the Padres. They never blew the Giants out, winning by one twice and two once, but getting a sweep in the first place is worthy of an A. And they even had a dramatic victory Saturday, overcoming a 5-0 deficit and getting a walkoff victory in 12 innings. Well done, San Diego. You get a much-deserved A here.

The view from the Western Metal Supply building this afternoon on a tour of Petco Park.

Alderson picks up more Padres for The Mets


quoted from Chris Young Signs With Mets After Passing Physical

A few days ago, Chris Young and the Mets agreed to a one-year contract. However, that agreement was pending a physical exam, which was no small hurdle for a pitcher with Young’s recent history of health problems. But worry no more (if you were worrying) - news is out now that Young has passed his physical, and has officially been signed.

C.Y. and Scott Hairston will now work in Queens. Who knows if Young will bounce back, it’s Hairston’s bat that I’ll miss more.

Boston Red Sox fans greet their latest acquisition.
Baseball’s winter meetings - Photos - MLB - Sporting News

Boston Red Sox fans greet their latest acquisition.