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Sarah Palin's Tea Party Thugs Bully Two Women at Wisconsin Protest

At one point a man grabbed onto the pole for my sign. He said he wanted my sign and I told him no, this is my sign. He wasn’t willing to let go but eventually did let go. There was a man to my left who looked at me and my sign. He asked me where I am from, I told him Wisconsin. We went back and forth because he didn’t seem to believe me (remember this man…he DID help us!).

Right in front of me was a large (tall and wide), over retirement age, man. I said “Excuse me, may we please get through?” He looked me up and down, then at my sign. He said “No” and turned away. I repeated my question and he told me to go around him. I told him I was trying to be polite and not rude. He then turned to face me. He told me he was not going to let me out. There was no way I could safely “push” my way through (I’m 5’8” and smaller built). I was feeling VERY threatened by this point so I got my cell phone out and did the only sane thing possible. I called 911.

Man Jailed For Threats Against NPR Hosts

Crosby, whose rap sheet includes separate convictions for robbery and heroin possession, has been held without bail since his January 26 arrest inside a library at the University of Southern Maine, from which he graduated in 2009. During a search of Crosby’s Volvo station wagon following his bust, FBI agents found a shotgun and shells in the vehicle, according to court records.

According to an affidavit sworn by FBI Agent Nathan Jacobs, Crosby sent more than 20 bizarre, and often threatening, messages to NPR via a “Contact Us” form on the organization’s web site. Many of the messages—which were sent during a two-month period ending with Crosby’s arrest—“referenced ‘kikes’ and contained other generalized threats directed toward NPR,” Jacobs noted.

Nah, talking heads on the A.M. radio and Faux News didn’t have anything to do with this, this sick man isn’t their proxy.

Sure, this sounds absurd. But don’t you worry about how a mentally ill person like a Jared Loughner would interpret this, not knowing or agreeing with sane people about what an asshat Glenn Beck is?

When will you Man Up to criticism about your Darling Girl, Fox News?

and another co-conspirator to murder and attempted murder

and another co-conspirator to murder and attempted murder

more errata….


ICYMI: That Bristol Palin tweet that made the rounds today is FAKE

But since no one checked before posting, the “damage” has already been done.

I’m feeling that pain, too

There is no legitimate way to discover anything about Jared Lee Loughner’s status as a registered voter.

I don’t have Jared Lee Loughner’s driver’s license number or his Voter Identification, so no stranger to him (for example, most of the writers of these articles) can legitimately find his voter registration information at this site.

I apologize for misleading people today.

My suggestion that Loughner was much more committed to conservative politics in his own unhinged way is no more founded than the most hyperbolic, vitriolic claims by those on the right that “they do it too!”

Rep. Issa: convene hearings to investigate the ties between violence and our national political dialogue

While no one knows for sure what drove Jared Loughner to commit this heinous act, we do know that the toxic political discourse in this country today- candidates talking about “second amendment remedies”, news networks featuring anti-government conspiracy theorists, and national political figures like Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin describing themselves as “progressive hunters” and urging followers to “reload”- lays the groundwork for this kind of violence. We shouldn’t stand for it.

It has to stop. Join me and the Courage Campaign in calling on Rep. Darrell Issa, the Chairman of the House Investigations and Oversight Committee, to investigate the ties between violence and increasing calls for it in our national political dialogue.

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I'm trying to find that voter registrant screencap on his wall, but I don't see it. Do you know when specifically it was posted? (I'm very curious since you have to have his voter ID or DL number to obtain that page... and confirming he's a registered Republican will hopefully quell a lot of speculation). — Asked by pantslessprogressive

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