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Are you sure that is something you want to do? Any chance that you’ve read this blog?

Are you sure that is something you want to do? Any chance that you’ve read this blog?

I ain’t no Democrat, but JohnFugelsang nailed it here.
So this is what Schumer is suggesting: let’s pass the bill now and don’t really follow it until 2017, so in the meantime, the “broken” immigration system that the Democrats continue to push will stay “broken” for another three years and we can still have record deportations and separation of families going on at a record clip. And yes, Obama earns kudos for record deportations.

Wow, how’s that historic 2012 Latino vote for President Obama and the Democrats really working out on the immigration issue? But hey, this is Schumer talking, the same Schumer who likes to call the undocumented the “illegals” on national television and no one says anything, because why upset those so-called immigration “allies.” And the same Schumer who is a border security hawk.

This is very simple: the Democrats think that the U.S. Latino vote is a lock because they aren’t feeling the pressure, and the Republicans don’t care about immigration reform. Meanwhile, deportations continue to occur every day at a record pace, and the community gets fooled.

In the end, Democrats have no backbone, national Latino organizations that side with Democrats have no backbone and it is the true immigrant rights voices out there that are trying to change the dialogue and focus. A note to the Democrats: stop leading with fear of Republicans and stop playing the U.S. Latino community. Don’t assume that we will side with you because the other team doesn’t get it. Democrats need to lead and be bold right now. Call the GOP’s bluff, because that is what it is, a bluff.
Sen. Chuck Schumer Reveals His True Colors with Bizarre “Meet the Press” Immigration “Compromise”

For decades, even as far back as Reagan’s dirty wars in Central America, Schumer has proven himself to be indifferent to injustices endured by Latin Americans.

With just days until the special election in the race for San Diego mayor, police want to know who’s behind the brazen theft of “David Alvarez for Mayor” political signs.

Police have some leads on this one as the crime was caught on tape by a witness.

Michael Russell posted the video on YouTube under the headline “Kevin Faulconer Thugs steal David Alvarez Signs in dead of night.”

He narrates what he sees.

“Definitely busted,” Russell is heard saying on tape.

He confronts the man.

“Who are you, what are you doing,” Russell asks. “Why are you taking down David Alvarez signs?”

Russell tells the man that he recorded the theft on videotape and plans to report the crime. The man, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, doesn’t reply but gives Russell a thumbs up. 

All of this went down near the trolley station on Friars Road.

The tape shows the theft unfolding along with a quick image of the suspect himself and even a couple shots of a California license plate hanging on the pickup.

Russell reported the crime to the San Diego police department.

According to the police report, Russell told police that he saw a man he described as clean shaven, short hair and light skin with the stolen signs. 

(Download sign theft police report)

According to the police report, Russell “was at the trolley station on Friars Rd when he saw the listed suspect steal three political signs. Russell video taped the crime as it unfolded. The signs say, “Dave Alvarez for Mayor.”

The police report references the existence of a video. But says it has no suspects.

“The question is whether the Faulconer campaign is behind this,” says a political insider. “If he is, and they are willing to do this to stoop to this to win, he’s got real trouble.”

So far no word from the Faulconer campaign. Election day is Tuesday. 

The DCCC that I saw in 2006 and 2008 had a smart strategy of finding the right Democratic candidates that matched their district, and doing everything necessary to get these candidates to run and then give them the resources they needed to win.

Now, several cycles removed from Emanuel and Van Hollen, it seems that the DCCC and its leadership have completely lost their way. They no longer know how to recruit or back the right candidates. It feels like they are using a bastardized version of the ‘06 and ‘08 strategies, but like a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy, it’s almost impossible to tell what the original actually was.

Now, the strategy seems to find the Democrat who’s the closest to being a Republican, and fully back them without doing do diligence or the hard work on the ground to find out who is the best candidate to win.

it’s people like Steve Israel who keep me from ever registering as a Democrat again.

But flip either mailer over, and you’ll discover a color photograph of a slightly smiling, young Latina identified as “Tania Hernandez—Democrat.” Above her head, in the photo’s azure sky, appears the quote, “David Alvarez doesn’t understand the needs of most communities. Unless you live in one of his three chosen neighborhoods, he’s written you off.”

In the picture, the late-afternoon sun gleams on her face, as well as off the chain-link fence and tree stump behind her. Beyond that, there’s another tree and a dirt lot occupied by a camper next to a faded-blue shed.

For weeks, Spin Cycle has searched for Hernandez, curious about how she’d formulated such a strong opinion of the first-term District 8 council member. This week, Spin received a tip that Hernandez appeared to be a resident of National City. An address was provided, and Spin reopened Operation Pinpoint Photo Location.

Lo and behold, less than half a block away from the address Spin found the spot where the mailer photo was taken. Again, in National City.

Spin Cycle tried to get a comment from the Lincoln Club, whose anti-Alvarez independent-expenditure committee—Working Together for Neighborhood Fairness—paid for the mailer (along with a group calling itself Stuck in the Rough LLC, which is battling residents to develop homes on the former Escondido Country Club).

Through a spokesperson, Lincoln Club President and CEO T.J. Zane told Spin: “The Club doesn’t discuss its tactics or strategy in the middle of a campaign, sorry.” Zane declined further comment.

This automated account cracks me up, but in a puerile way.

Former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said that contraceptive coverage proves that Democrats think that women are helpless and can’t control their own libidos without help from the government.  
How ridiculous! Of course women aren’t helpless. But birth control is expensive. The Obama administration’s no-cost birth control policy makes contraception affordable, and it’s not funded by the government.  
We’re going to hear this lie and these inexcusable stereotypes from now until Election Day if we don’t call our opponents on it. Tell Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus to reject Huckabee’s false and offensive statement.

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Mike Huckabee’s comments about the contraceptive-coverage policy were way out of line and false—and you should reject them. Ninety-nine percent of American women use birth control at some point in their lives to be responsible and be healthy. And let’s be clear about the facts: the contraceptive-coverage policy is covered by premiums collected by insurance companies and isn’t related to government spending.

But beneath the surface here, familiar pitfalls might await Clinton should she decide to run: A restive and emboldened progressive base long suspicious of Clintonian moderation, a hunger for fresh Democratic voices, and a caucus electorate that boasts a cherished tradition of voting with its heart rather than its head,
But like many Democrats in Iowa, Boggus said she is eager to hear more from other leaders, pointing to Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, two names that have surfaced in early discussions about the next presidential race.
Clinton’s robust 2016 lead is built, in part, on her status as the only famous person in a field of relative no-names. A Des Moines Register poll released in December found Clinton’s favorability rating among Democrats at a jarring 89%, while just 7% had an unfavorable view.

The pollster Ann Selzer, who crunched the numbers for the Register survey, said the paucity of top-tier Democrats made it difficult just to conduct the poll.

“It was hard to come up with a list,” Selzer said in an interview on the newspaper’s website. “Part of that was we just haven’t had candidates coming to Iowa, and not many Democrats strongly indicating they want to run for president.”

The lack of presidential bustle in Democratic circles is indeed glaring, especially compared to the swirl of activity on the Republican side of the ticket, where likely candidates are already making trips to Iowa and aides are peddling negative research on their potential rivals.

The energies of Iowa’s Democratic activists are focused not on 2016, but 2014 — a busy midterm election cycle featuring a rare open Senate seat and two House seats up for grabs.

Would-be Clinton rivals have only tiptoed into Iowa. Biden, no stranger to the state after two ill-fated presidential runs, spoke at Harkin’s annual steak fry fundraiser last fall, a rite of passage for any Democratic hopeful. O’Malley spoke at the same event in 2012, at the height of that year’s presidential campaign.

Klobuchar traveled south of her state’s border to address the North Iowa Wing Ding Fundraiser last August, and chased her appearance with a series of nice-to-meet-you phone calls to some of the Democrats who attended.

The Wing Ding dinner, held at the historic Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, encapsulated the paralytic early state of the Democratic campaign.

Klobuchar’s punchy speech before the chicken wing-munching audience earned her rave reviews from local Democrats, who said she would make an intriguing presidential candidate, but Clinton loomed over the event in absentia. Organizers bestowed a lifetime achievement award on Clinton, and reporters pressed Klobuchar on the former first lady’s 2016 chances after the event.

Hillary Clinton’s Iowa problem -

I need more coffee to re-read this article where it says that Hillary Clinton won’t crush all opposition in Iowa Primaries or Caucuses.