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Support the Testing Boycott - Ice the ISAT!

Administration of this meaningless test means students will lose hours of valuable classroom instruction time, disrupting as many as ten school days. The ISAT is not used for any valid purpose and will not be given after the 2013-2014 school year. CPS plans to force this test on students at the same time that students also are required to take NWEA MAP tests, new Interim Benchmark Tests, REACH Performance Tasks, ACCESS tests, NAEP tests, pilot Common Core tests and more.

Over-testing of students has come with real costs to their education. Students need fewer tests and more access to arts, languages and a broad, rich curriculum. Students need meaningful and educationally appropriate assessments, not more standardized tests.

The concerns of parents and educators have been ignored for too long! We support the parents, teachers and students who have taken action for better schools and against over-testing.

Anybody who bothers to pay close attention to the constant feed of articles trickling from Google News can’t help but notice that it is the so-called ”lesser evil” Democrats–not the “evil” Republicans–who have literally been at the forefront of smashing this nascent rebellion against corporate capitalism to smithereens.

Recently, Rahm Emmanuel, the Democratic mayor of Chicago, with the full backing of a City Council dominated by Democrats, passed a series of draconian ordinances aimed squarely at the Occupy movement which impose harsh restrictions on free speech and assembly–moves that were criticized by the ACLU.

The same thing also occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, where the Democratic-controlled City Council enacted sweeping laws aimed at cracking down on Occupy-like actions when the Democratic National Convention comes to town, a silly dog-and-pony show, which, in the past has been directly funded by corporations.

Last December, Ed Lee, the Democratic mayor of San Francisco, sent an army of cops to forcibly evict the Occupy encampment in that town, partly because the Hyatt Regency hotel, owned by the Pritzker family of Chicago–billionaires who backed Barack Obama for president–didn’t want “vagrants and delinquents” nearby.

Roberts does give more credence to my political pushme-pullyou thesis here. Why it does not behoove Greens like him to give up petty personality squabbling and Pyrrhic candidacies to affirmatively engage and change the electoral system so that there is real political plurality in California or the USA remains a mystery.