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The sermon that the Tea Party heard at church this morning. - Imgur

The sermon that the Tea Party heard at church this morning. - Imgur

Why this "religious liberty" canard is a crock of shite (that's my headline, but seriously, click through and read this)


Michelle Goldberg, writing at The Nation, discusses “religious liberty” in relation to recent hate-motivated bills moving through state legislatures in Idaho and Kansas:

Sometimes, the religious right can be pretty clever in its rhetoric. “Family values” was a smart phrase, implicitly defaming liberals as decadent child-haters, while making fundamentalism seem cozy and safe. Then the gay marriage movement robbed it of its power, forcing the Christian right to take an explicit stand against other people’s domesticity and familial commitments. Something new was needed. Enter “religious liberty.”

Like family values, religious liberty is, on the surface, unobjectionable. Almost all of us, after all, believe that people have the right to practice whatever religion they want. But “religious liberty,” as the Christian right understands it, means something quite different. It means the liberty to discriminate on religious grounds. And it has become central to the furious backlash against both gay marriage and Obamacare.

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Thus the “Christian” (note use of scare quotes, because these aren’t Christians at all) Right has used this “religious liberty” canard to set a Constitutional trap: Do you uphold the First Amendment guarantee for Americans to practise their faith traditions, or do you uphold the right of all Americans to equal treatment under the law? The “Christian” Right enjoys mucking up the works like that, and they’re reveling in this as more and more Americans say that marriage equality is the right thing to do. It’s their latest hissy fit, and the ways in which this one is manifesting in Kansas and Idaho is staggering.

There is much clearer way to make this distinction: do people support the Establishment Clause as a citizen before they support any allegiance to a god or a theology? If they answer yes, they are citizens; if they answer no, they are theocrats. With the Establishment Clause in the USA, one cannot be both.

Go, Phil, Go…right in to the ground with your apostasy.

By the way, the word you stumbled around to avoid is uvula. You might have remembered that if you were paying attention at Louisiana Tech.

An 8-year-old Yemeni girl died from internal injuries on the first night of her marriage to a man more than five times her age…

This is not the way to get the USA to stop dropping bombs on you.

And in an outreach email to his followers that is filled with fear-mongering, false David Barton-ish comparisons to the Bible and the U.S. Constitution, and a gross misunderstanding of our founding documents, Lane claims “[c]omparing pre-WWII Germany to present day America is no stretch,” and rails against the “U.S. Supreme Court’s mad rush to impose homosexual marriage on America — by judicial fiat,” which, he claims, “may finally awaken the pastors of America.”

Wow, what a great way to generate cohesion in the non-denominational church you built.

Be careful quoting Leviticus, Holy Rollers.

Be careful quoting Leviticus, Holy Rollers.

…I remember when Monsignor Guillermo Schulemberg [sic] (who was the head of the Basilica of Guadalupe for 40 years) publicly declared that Guadalupe was a sham. Msgr. Schulemberg wrote a letter to the Vatican stating that Juan Diego (the guy who claimed encounters with Guadalupe) never existed. True to form, the Vatican canonized Juan Diego. Schulemberg resigned as head of the Basilica and had hired goons, armed guards, outside of his home in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Mexico City (Lomas).

a comment to On Telemundo, a Catholic Interviewee Calls for the Killing of a Blasphemous U.S. Artist

She backs up her comments with links to stories about the event.