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Occupy Salt Lake City protesters plan for 2012 - Salt Lake Tribune

…in July, the movement hopes to mobilize thousands as the American Legislative Exchange Council — an organization Fruhwirth called “the epitome of corporate control of our government” — holds its 29th annual meeting in Utah.

Deaths at Occupy camps bring pressure for shutdown - Yahoo! News

Because when people overdose, commit suicide or are poisoned by carbon monoxide poisoning at an Occupation, instead of any other physical location, like in deceased’s own home, it’s the fault of the occupation.

…Occupations kill, Beware!

(Carlos Boozer) is going to get blasted in a way that may rival, if not surpass, the verbal rainstorms routinely unleashed on Derek Fisher, and that’s saying something considering taunts directed at Fisher set new standards for classless. It’s moments like fans putting a hand over an eye — to mock him for asking to be let out of a contract in 2007 to live in the same city where his daughter could get treatment for a serious eye ailment, then signing with the rival Lakers — that has some around the league rating Utah’s atmosphere as the ugliest in the league.
Stay Classy, Salt Lake City