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No, Do Take That Money, Bullied Bus Lady

But the thing about huge sums of money is that it’s never just about the money. After appearing on every major news outlet and dominating blogs for a day, the expectations of millions of people, donors and spectators alike, are tied up in Klein’s fund. Taking the money would make Karen Klein rich, but it would also transform her from blameless victim to effectively the most highly-paid reality television star in history: The Jersey Shore cast made $100,000 per episode in season four. Klein would make more than five times that, for a single 10 minute video. It’s not worth it.

The thing that Adrian Chen left out and cannot relate to is that Ms. Klein is (by my estimate) over 65 years of age. No one should have to endure those monsters outside of Rochester, but she might not have to work if she doesn’t want to.

Retirement might be a long way off for Chen, but it’s something that a flip of the coin tells me that Klein would like to pursue. Take the money and run, Karen.