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Rick Perry: “I’m really not worried about the president’s birth certificate [but] it’s fun to poke at him a little bit and say ‘hey, how about let’s see your grades and your birth certificate."




I think this speaks for itself.

I’m sorry, that does not, but this does:

Rick Perry’s Texas A&M Transcript

A few years ago sometime - like around a spring break, I was in La Jolla getting a fou-fou coffee and I recognized Eric Cantor with his wife and his son. I tried to take a picture in conspicuously of the guy, but he saw me hold up my lobotomized phone (what were Palm Centros, after all?) to take the picture and he covered his mouth. He, his family, his body guard and the couple scurried out of there a few minutes after I snapped the pic. I’ll never forget the benevolent smile on the face of the man that was visiting at the table with him - I knew better than to believe that the guy was any less than a vampire.

I only wish that I had a better phone that I could send a stream of posts here and tweets to the internet to start a flash mob.

This is a woman who puts ideology first. This says to voters, ‘we’re not listening to you.’

Likely House Majority Leader Eric Cantor • Dropping his two cents into the whole Nancy-still-wants-to-lead thing. Is this the guy who should be trashing people for putting ideology first? We remember what Eric did during the the Health Care Summit at the White House, and when you have to use attention-grabbing props to get your point across, you’re in it for the ideology, not getting things done. None of this is to say that Nancy should try to keep her leadership position. But Eric Cantor is the wrong guy to make this argument. source (viafollow)

Considering that Cantor isn’t afraid of bringing the government to a grinding halt, I’d have to say that he’s in no position to call anyone else an ideologue, but in Eric Cantor’s Alice In Wonderland conservative world, your faults and weaknesses are not your own, but your enemies. I’m waiting for Cantor to start blabbering on a Sunday news talk show about how the sun rises in the north, keeping a straight face the whole time.

I have followed Glenn Beck a great deal over the past few years because I want to know what his followers see in him and with all due respect Beck is everything I absolutely do detest about my country. One does not need to be pro-Beck to be pro-American. Beck is emotional, is a demagogue, is anti-intellectual, and is deeply deeply racist. Beck’s honest intentions are to take America back to a fictional past. I will fight, until the day I die, people like Beck and more importantly, his followers who are responsible for him.
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by Drummond Pike, The Tides Blog