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ketchupstan Gets Schooled in recent American History


What the hell does this article have to do with Reagan?

Reagan was mentioned in the article. I highly suggest doing some reading about Latin American history in the 80s because you can’t understand…

Simply put, each time that you drive by a stadium that an NFL or MLB team plays in, imagine each seat filled with a mestizo or indiginous campesino in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras or Nicaragua who lived in abject poverty, had no health care and knew hunger. That campesino was raped or tortured and last murdered because they were pawns in The Cold War; but most likely it the behest of United States foreign policy that paid for the training and materiel that killed them.

Don’t forget to put 4 Roman Catholic missionaries and an archbishop in the owner’s box.

Take a long, hard look at that fucking stadium. Ronald Reagan and every American who stuck their heads in the sand, who would rather follow a pied piper instead of looking at themselves for who they are, unfamiliar and complex, promoted these atrocities or just didn’t want to be bothered to stop it thus leading to a seat that could otherwise be filled by a poor campesino in that fucking stadium.