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Tell ABC News: Correct Your False Benghazi Report

On May 10, ABC News reported what it characterized as a major “exclusive” on the consulate attacks in Benghazi, Libya.  Claiming to have “obtained” key administration e-mails, the report appeared to illustrate White House and State Department aides editing out references to terrorism in talking points for political reasons.

The story seemed to vindicate conservatives, who for months had been screaming about a cover-up.  But when the e-mails in question were released to the public, they differed substantially from those ABC News ”exclusively unearthed” in the scoop.  Soon after, the truth came out:  the reporter, ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl, was quoting not the actual e-mails, but rather summaries of the e-mails provided by a Republican source.  Despite repeated on-air claims, ABC News had never “obtained” the e-mails, and the damning “quotes” that triggered the “exclusive” turned out to be misleading.

Read more about ABC’s false on-air claims and (lack of) response to the botched Benghazi “exclusive” on our blog.

Help us hold the media accountable by telling ABC News to correct its report on the air.  Sign our letter to top ABC News executives:

  • Ben Sherwood, president
  • Kate O’Brian, senior vice president for news
  • Kerry Smith, senior vice president for editorial quality

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It was the first time I ever saw any grass roots progressive organization make any attempt to reach a constituency in a language other than Spanish.

Should read:

It was the first time I ever saw any grass roots progressive organization make any attempt to reach a constituency in a language other than English.

I regret the error, but if I don’t push something out to publish, it may never get out. I’ve got over 250 items in my drafts folder.

Shortformblog is just a little behind the curve

Funny that you should post the previous just about an hour after I saw this:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

If you just want to read Politifact’s fail, Maddow’s staff put it in writing.

Piers Morgan or Joy Behar is entertaining to some, Ernie, but neither of them saved your face or reputation bacon this evening.

Next agenda item: unlike Politifact on my Facebook account.

more errata….


ICYMI: That Bristol Palin tweet that made the rounds today is FAKE

But since no one checked before posting, the “damage” has already been done.

I’m feeling that pain, too

There is no legitimate way to discover anything about Jared Lee Loughner’s status as a registered voter.

I don’t have Jared Lee Loughner’s driver’s license number or his Voter Identification, so no stranger to him (for example, most of the writers of these articles) can legitimately find his voter registration information at this site.

I apologize for misleading people today.

My suggestion that Loughner was much more committed to conservative politics in his own unhinged way is no more founded than the most hyperbolic, vitriolic claims by those on the right that “they do it too!”

a couple of big errors, Common Dreams

The cited article was written in such a…compacted manner that it suggests that David Ben-Gurion and Sigmund Freud were Holocaust victims along with Anne Frank. They were not.

The LDS church makes an easy target for the left, but one should best pick and choose the shots it takes at them. It’s sloppiness like that which has lost me from Common Dreams. It’s become a site of more of opinion than information.


“In 1994 we learned that the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints, known as the Mormon Church, was engaging in something called “baptism for the dead”. During that ceremony, living people stand in as proxies for decedents to offer them a chance, but not an obligation, to become Mormons post mortem, as it were. Apparently, once in heaven (assuming the decedent got that far) the decedent can look over the digs in which the Mormons live and compare it, for example, with where the Baptists (if that was the decedent’s religion at death) are hanging out, and decide whether to exercise the option and join the Mormons or to stay with the Baptists. In 1994 it was learned that Adolph Hitler had been posthumously baptized by the Mormons together with 380,000 of his holocaust victims. Among them were Anne Frank, David Ben-Gurion, the first Prime Minister of Israel and Sigmund Freud. (It is unlikely that many of the 380,000 would have opted to move into the Mormon section of heaven once they saw Hitler there.) When news of those baptisms became public, the Jewish community was incensed. Aaron Breitbart, senior researcher at the Simon Wiesenthal Center said “these people were born Jews, they lived as Jews and many of them died because they were Jews. They would not have chosen to be baptized Mormons in life, and there is no reason they would want to be baptized by proxy in death.” In 1995, Mormons and the American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors based in New York, arrived at an agreement whereby the Mormons agreed to unbaptize those it had involuntarily baptized and agreed to quit conducting “vicarious baptisms.””

Christopher Brauchli