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There’s something distinctively creepy - in a Roman sort of way - about this mandated ritual that our political leaders must be heralded and consecrated as saints upon death. This is accomplished by this baseless moral precept that it is gauche or worse to balance the gushing praise for them upon death with valid criticisms.
In high school, as the group was passing a joint, Obama would grab it when it (if I’m understanding it right) wasn’t his turn and say, “Intercepted!” and take a hit.

Michael Tomasky explains why you might be hearing and seeing the word ”intercepted!” a lot of the next few days news cycles.  (via cheatsheet)

We’re going to be getting pot etiquette lessons from right-wing extremists - this is going to be fun…not.

I wonder if I can get this with a chaser of stories about how Mitch McConnell or Jeb Hensarling get creeped out by the notion of performing cunnilingus?