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Stop the Unnecessary Third Prosecution of Jovan Jackson

San Diego District Attorney and anti-medical cannabis crusader Bonnie Dumanis wants to put a patient-provider on trial for the third time. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) needs your help to stop this unnecessary prosecution and to keep fighting for patients’ rights statewide.

San Diego medical patient-provider and navy veteran Jovan Jackson was acquitted of all medical cannabis charges in his first trial in 2009, but District Attorney Dumanis opted to try him again later that year. His conviction in the second trial was overturned by a successful appeal filed by ASA. That appeal, People v. Jackson, now guarantees medical cannabis providers statewide a medical defense in court, something denied to Mr. Jackson in his second trial.

Our victory in People v. Jackson should have been the end of the story, but District Attorney Dumanis has decided to prosecute Mr. Jackson for a third time. This latest trial is unnecessary and harmful. ASA is asking medical cannabis supporters statewide to sign a petition asking District Attorney Dumanis and Superior Court Judge Louis R. Hanoian to stop the trial in the interest of justice and leave Jovan Jackson alone.

Support Jerry Duval's Request for Compassionate Release

More than $1.2 million of taxpayer money will be spent to imprison Jerry Duval over the next ten years. He is a state-registered medical marijuana patient who was convicted of federal drug trafficking, even though he strictly complied with all Michigan laws. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has the authority to grant compassionate release due to “extraordinary and compelling circumstances” in Jerry’s case, including the high cost of caring for a kidney-pancreas transplant recipient who also suffers from coronary artery disease.

Just last year, another federal medical marijuana prisoner, Richard Flor, died in prison while awaiting adequate medical care, and currently Jerry is not receiving the care he needs to avoid complications from his kidney transplant. Please encourage the BOP to use the powers granted by Congress to relieve overcrowding and save tax dollars by releasing non-violent prisoners serving time for victimless crimes, starting with Jerry Duval.

Help us by sending a fax directly to the Director of BOP

A Victim of #Prohibition that Gil Kerlikowske turned his back on in the @WhiteHouse.

A Victim of #Prohibition that Gil Kerlikowske turned his back on in the @WhiteHouse.

Tell your legislators to cosponsor Rep. Frank's bill to end the federal assault on safe access today!

Right now federal authorities are escalating their attacks on medical marijuana patients and providers. The best way to stop this war on medical marijuana is to end federal marijuana prohibition so that medical marijuana patients and providers no longer have to live in fear of federal authorities.

A recent Gallup Poll found that half of all Americans want marijuana legalized but we need as many people as possible to get Congress to listen.

There is a bill sitting in Congress that would end federal marijuana prohibition and protect the ability of states to make their own marijuana laws without federal interference. I urged my representative to support the bill to end federal marijuana prohibition and hope you’ll join me. It would mean so much to me if you’d send a letter to your legislator today. It only takes a minute but it could make all the difference.