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The bible says love the sinner and hate the sin, but it doesn’t say anything about gays playing #football. - #Conflicted #Confused #NFL
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Deal with it, Philip. Thomas Keiser is a head case and could be a good player to replace.


The bible says love the sinner and hate the sin, but it doesn’t say anything about gays playing #football. - #Conflicted #Confused #NFL

Please follow your aunt on Facebook and Twitter.

Deal with it, Philip. Thomas Keiser is a head case and could be a good player to replace.

San Diego Mayoral Candidates’ Personal Finances

Nothing shocking here. It paints a picture of what the candidates families are like, though.

With just days until the special election in the race for San Diego mayor, police want to know who’s behind the brazen theft of “David Alvarez for Mayor” political signs.

Police have some leads on this one as the crime was caught on tape by a witness.

Michael Russell posted the video on YouTube under the headline “Kevin Faulconer Thugs steal David Alvarez Signs in dead of night.”

He narrates what he sees.

“Definitely busted,” Russell is heard saying on tape.

He confronts the man.

“Who are you, what are you doing,” Russell asks. “Why are you taking down David Alvarez signs?”

Russell tells the man that he recorded the theft on videotape and plans to report the crime. The man, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, doesn’t reply but gives Russell a thumbs up. 

All of this went down near the trolley station on Friars Road.

The tape shows the theft unfolding along with a quick image of the suspect himself and even a couple shots of a California license plate hanging on the pickup.

Russell reported the crime to the San Diego police department.

According to the police report, Russell told police that he saw a man he described as clean shaven, short hair and light skin with the stolen signs. 

(Download sign theft police report)

According to the police report, Russell “was at the trolley station on Friars Rd when he saw the listed suspect steal three political signs. Russell video taped the crime as it unfolded. The signs say, “Dave Alvarez for Mayor.”

The police report references the existence of a video. But says it has no suspects.

“The question is whether the Faulconer campaign is behind this,” says a political insider. “If he is, and they are willing to do this to stoop to this to win, he’s got real trouble.”

So far no word from the Faulconer campaign. Election day is Tuesday. 

But flip either mailer over, and you’ll discover a color photograph of a slightly smiling, young Latina identified as “Tania Hernandez—Democrat.” Above her head, in the photo’s azure sky, appears the quote, “David Alvarez doesn’t understand the needs of most communities. Unless you live in one of his three chosen neighborhoods, he’s written you off.”

In the picture, the late-afternoon sun gleams on her face, as well as off the chain-link fence and tree stump behind her. Beyond that, there’s another tree and a dirt lot occupied by a camper next to a faded-blue shed.

For weeks, Spin Cycle has searched for Hernandez, curious about how she’d formulated such a strong opinion of the first-term District 8 council member. This week, Spin received a tip that Hernandez appeared to be a resident of National City. An address was provided, and Spin reopened Operation Pinpoint Photo Location.

Lo and behold, less than half a block away from the address Spin found the spot where the mailer photo was taken. Again, in National City.

Spin Cycle tried to get a comment from the Lincoln Club, whose anti-Alvarez independent-expenditure committee—Working Together for Neighborhood Fairness—paid for the mailer (along with a group calling itself Stuck in the Rough LLC, which is battling residents to develop homes on the former Escondido Country Club).

Through a spokesperson, Lincoln Club President and CEO T.J. Zane told Spin: “The Club doesn’t discuss its tactics or strategy in the middle of a campaign, sorry.” Zane declined further comment.

"Some people think it’s insensitive," Goldsmith said. "I can’t address that. That’s what practicing law is."

Wrong Jan and you know it. Pervasive surveillance of a private citizen is not what “practicing law is” for government officials when those officials openly admit that their government client hired a “dirtbag” cop who harassed this woman. Excessively titillating descriptions of ordinary behavior (“kissing and hugging her boyfriend in public; attired in shorts and bending fully over … on several occasions”) filed in official court (government) records is not what “practicing law is” for government officials who admit that their client hired a “dirtbag” cop who harassed this woman.

Quit acting like an ambulance-chasing bottom feeder and start acting like a City Attorney who knows what “practicing law is” in the context of the duties of a government lawyer.

If you find this kind of slut shaming by an elected official objectionable, tell Goldsmith - don’t forget to cite the source article.

One tweet in a very good thread on twitter about the sleaze that’s crept in to the San Diego Mayor’s race.

…In this particular TV commercial, the dire female voice tells us “we can’t afford to go back” (the title of the ad, I might add). “33 year old David Alvarez will turn back the clock to a time when union cronies ruled.” The spot goes on to blame the YOONyuns for the pension crisis that San Diego found itself mired in from 1996 to 2008 when the City Council finally got serious about solving a real problem. Alvarez is being funded, the ad continues, by “the same unions that nearly bankrupted us.”

This is a lie. Demonstrably and provably so. The unions did not nearly bankrupt the City of San Diego. Our own local government is responsible for the deliberate underfunding of the city’s pension fund that led to the massive deficit we found ourselves with by 2005 (“Enron by the Sea” ring a bell?).
The plan was adopted by the city council on a 5-4 vote last fall, just as the primary election for mayor ramped up. Faulconer quickly jumped to the fore of a referendum campaign to repeal it.

Donors to the referendum effort, which has since qualified for the ballot, weren’t known until January 31, when a campaign fund calling itself “Protect Our Jobs Coalition” was required by law to file a disclosure report covering the period between October 1 and December 31 of last year.

According to that document, the group spent a total of $729,463 on its effort, raised $432,550 in cash, and was $287,483 in debt.

The biggest donor was National Steel and Shipbuilding Company, owned by military contracting behemoth General Dynamics, with $200,000; second largest, with $75,000, was giant British-based military contractor BAE Systems; in third place, with $50,000, was Continental Maritime of San Diego.

The congressional campaign of ex–city councilman Carl Demaio, an unsuccessful GOP candidate for mayor in 2012, made an in-kind contribution of $800, the report says.

Unpaid bills included at least $91,486 owed Southwest Strategies, the public relations and lobbying boutique founded by Al Ziegaus, an ex-reporter with the now defunct Evening Tribune. The firm’s clients have included Fox Sports, Medbox, a marijuana-vending-machine company, and billboard giant Lamar Outdoor Advertising.

Spending on the San Diego measure has represented a big portion of General Dynamics’ political payments, according to figures provided online by During the 2014 campaign cycle to date, the General Dynamics political action committee has given $477,500 to federal candidates.