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Protest the Transpacific Partnership Tomorrow in San Diego

WHAT: Rally for Congress to Vote NO! On Fast Track for the TPP
WHEN: Friday, January 31, 2014, 11:30a-1p PST
WHERE: In front of the San Diego Federal Building-Courthouse, 880 Front Street

BREAKING: Don't let Congress cave to Big Tobacco!

Right now Congress is considering railroading through the corporate-driven agreement using an extreme procedure called Fast Track, just introduced by Senator Baucus. This would prevent Congress from amending provisions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that harm the public.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is the largest free trade agreement ever negotiated by the United States, and it’s happening behind firmly closed doors. If passed, it would give global corporations, including the tobacco industry, more power to strip public health and environmental safeguards. We can’t let this happen. Tell your representative to oppose Fast Track and the TPP.

Hundreds of lobbyists got together to write a trade deal. What happened will scare you senseless.

Congress is about to sign away it’s Constitutional right to oversee a huge trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (or TPP for short) — and members of Congress won’t even get a chance to read the agreement first! The text of the treaty is a closely-kept secret, but based on what’s leaked out of the negotiations, we can be sure the TPP will be a massive corporate power-grab.

Our last best hope to stop this deal is to convince Congressional Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to come out against “fast-track” authority, which would surrender Congress’s right to amend the deal. We need to flood her office with calls to make sure Congress doesn’t pass NAFTA on steroids without reading it.

Call to Action to STOP TPP, July 7, 2012 in San Diego



To our brothers in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Brunei, Vietnam, and across the US, Join us in Occupy San Diego on July 7 to #StopTPP. The TPP is the new NAFTA, but this time if going after everything from land and resources to…

Since the Senate ratifies treaties, does anyone want to participate in a series of non-violent, completely legal action(s) at our Senator’s field offices in town?