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Darrell Issa, the $160.1 million dollar would-be inquisitor

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usIf you’ve never heard of who Issa is in bed with, let me tell you:

An investment house in Manhattan. I can’t find anything egregious about them, beyond being capitalists. They “won a bid to carry out a Federal Reserve program to stimulate the housing market and it has been hired to help evaluate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac”.

Greene Properties
A commercial real estate holding company in northern San Diego county. Funny, I don’t remember Issa making a big deal about insuring TARP funds would help small businesses; Issa is a lucky guy because sitting on his hands on this one sure didn’t hurt him.

A web search returned no applicable results about this multi-million dollar concern.

Directed Electronics
The Goose That Laid The Golden Eggs is still going strong.

So, if you’re looking to hold a job, fix your mortgage with the assistance of the government or get a tax break for your small business and you live here…

…tell me that you feel that this multi-millionaire understands you, let alone gives you all of the attention that you feel you deserve.