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so ship them off to Virginia


“While I was there [in 1998] I stayed in a cheap hotel and had the window open. I was on the third floor. I called home and while I was on the phone there was a burst of 9MM automatic weapons fire in the street. My wife said it was pretty loud and was that the TV? I told her it wasn’t the TV. It was live in the street in Washington, DC, which is more dangerous than Baghdad.”

Welcome to D.C., Tea Partiers! - DCist (Via TBD’s Andrew Beaujon

This is the sole comment on the Maine Tea Party website’s helpful guide to DC for folks who’ll be attending Saturday’s “Restoring Honor” rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

This might be only relevant to folks in DC, but it’s clogging up our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Tips like “Do not use the Green line or the Yellow line” are not sitting well with the local internet savvy populace, who don’t take kindly to people trashing their fair city.

Virginia is a place where Pat Robertson festers and Eric Cantor represents (at least in part), a lot of the right-wing national lobbying organizations have bases there. Even after the Virginia Tech massacre, the state house did nothing to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. Their Attorney General panders to misogynists and/or theocrats among other right-wing extremists. Face it, Tea Partiers are so out of touch that they might go to Richmond and think that they’ll find their leader, Jefferson Davis, there. So go on, send them south of the Potomac. They won’t know the difference. They can get on buses to throw their fusses on The Mall and when they are done, they can head back to Dixie Land.